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This scholarship means I am able to continue my education of becoming a nurse and being able to help those in need.  I would like to thank the Foundation for helping to make all of my dreams come true.  Without ya'll, my dream of becoming a nurse would not be possible

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I would like to thank the Foundation for this scholarship.  It will help with tuition and housing and not burden my family financially.  My goal is to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Then I plan to return to Lincoln County and work for PNM.



I want to express my profound gratitude for this scholarship.  It makes it possible for me to attend Teas Tech University to obtain my education degree.  This scholarship will help take some of the financial burden off of my parents and myself.  It will help my family tremendously.



I will start vet school at Oklahoma State University in the fall.  I have been granted the orotundityortunity to work this summer at the track here in Ruidoso.  Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this scholarship.  It is an absolute blessing towards my peace of mind.



The Ruidoso Racing Foundation Scholarship means that I have the opportunity to pursue my passion of engineering at New Mexico State University.

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